How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you

41+57E7XY4L._SL300Any cat people out there? You are going to love this!

I wasn’t sure if I should write about this, given that it is more of a comic book than literature, but why not? It’s good, it’s hilarious, it’s real. Actually, what makes it so funny is the fact that there is so much truth in it!

“How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” is a book about…what else? The little lions of our home, the great demons of our hearts, our little kitties! True stories of kitty behavior through some very nice comic strips, sketches about everyday life with our feline friends, hilarious owners and how their kitties see them.

It’s quite a small book, you’ll have read through it probably within an hour, but it is good nonetheless, helps you unwind, and definitely makes you laugh. A lot. Seriously.

Not to be missed if you are a cat owner!

M is for Magic

MForMagicWhat do trolls under old stone bridges want?

Do black cats really bring bad luck? How did the holy

Grail end up in an old lady’s house?


M is for magic,  and the stories hidden in this book are indeed magical, as well as amazingly entertaining.

Sometimes a little bit scary,  sometimes hysterical, always very witty,  this book proves one more that

Neil Gaiman never disappoints. Playing with words, popular lore and things that the human race has always

found to be interested and yet scared of at the same time , he creates a collection of small doses of magic .


A great book to read alone as well as with (older) children, this is absolutely worth reading . In need of a bit of magic in your life ? Are you fond of short stories? Are you maybe a Gaiman fan?  In that case, grab the book and a cozy blanket,  and let’s go on amusing journey!

For History Addicts:The Titanic Disaster Hearings

1912, U.S.A. Merely a day after the survivors of the Titanic arrive in New York,  a preliminary hearing organized by the United States Senate takes place. The transcripts of the hearing,  kept locked away for a very long time, were published in this book for the first time. No fictional elements, no experts’ opinions, just pure history.

This is the complete transcripts of the hearing, full of interviews of the survivors, with the focus being mainly on the surviving members of the crew. Why did the ship sink? Why didn’t the crew have binoculars on the lookout? Could the collision have been avoided? Did the life boats come back for the freezing people in the sea? Could more ships have arrived in time to help the vessel in distress?

You will not find conclusions here, and this is the think I liked more about this book. You will only see the answers the witnesses gave, and you can form your own opinion on the matter. Definitely better than any Titanic documentary you have ever wached, if you are a history addict, this is the book for you!

The Infernal Devices

CAM_coverI haven’t reviewed a fantasy novel (or series) in a while, which is an absolute shame, since it is my favourite genre. I want to introduce you to one of my favourite series, the Infernal Devices. I guarantee you will love it as soon as you start reading the first book of the series!

Imagine a world where monsters exist. Not the everyday kind, but the magical kind. Now, imagine a breed that is half angels and half humans. The Nephilim are descendants of both breeds, appointed with the difficult task of protecting the human kind from the Downworlders, which consist of all kinds of warlocks, monsters and demons.

It is the 1800s, and Tessa Gray arrives in London from America. Kidnapped as soon as she sets foot on England, she realizes she is not the ordinary girl she thought she was; she has shape shifting abilities. Soon enough the Nephilim will rescue her, providing her with shelter in their London institute, and a new world will become her reality. Along with solving the mystery of her kidnapper and her true identity, Tessa will realize she is falling for two Nephilims at the same time; Will, the stubborn excellent fighter, and Jem, the kind hearted Nephilim that is dying from a mysterious supernatural disease.

This is a lot of dilemmas for one story, but surprisingly, it works very well for the reader. Lots of things to solve, quick action, life lessons and romance at the same time. This is definitely not going to bore you. It is well written, catchy (in the good sense of the word) , and both happy and sad at te same time. A bittersweet story that will not disappoint you.

Should you read this? Are you a fantasy  fan? Then definitely. For those not so familiar with the genre, it might get a bit too much, what with the large number of the magical creatures and the angels and the powers and… you get it. However, even if overwhelming, I strongly suggest you give it a try. It is a beautiful story, very much worth your time.

The Infernal Devices series are out in graphic novels as well. They are amazing, but I suggest you get familiar with the books first. Enjoy!