Trojan War retold: The Silence of the Girls


Trojan War, retold

City after city falls to the Greeks and is burnt down to ashes. Briseis, the wife of Lyrnesuss’s king, is held captive along the rest of the womenfolk. She becomes a slave. As her luck has it, she is given as a prize to the very same man that killed her brothers and husband: the infamous Achilles.

And so starts the story of one of the most time-consuming and epic wars of all time. And war is believed to be a matter for the Man. Women are to be silent. But this time we see it all through the eyes of a woman; a slave woman, nonetheless, and one who used to be the wife of a king. Continue reading “Trojan War retold: The Silence of the Girls”

Come on an epic journey: Gods and Heroes , by Korwin Briggs

Workman Publishing. $19.95, Hardcover

In lands of peculiar Gods and Epic heroes

A long, long time ago, people believed in deities and heroes very different from what people worship nowadays. Every culture has its stories, its heroes and its Gods. Follow along as Korwin Briggs introduces us to some of those very interesting figures.

From Irish gods to Greek heroes, the variety is impressing. More than 70 characters are hidden between these pages. Accompanied by banners that show you the myths’ origins, this is an exciting book filled with stories from around the world! Continue reading “Come on an epic journey: Gods and Heroes , by Korwin Briggs”

A desperate mother’s search: The Winter’s Child


Her child is missing – and no one is looking for him anymore

It’s been five years since teenager Joel Harper went missing. No signs about what has happened to him have ever been uncovered.  But Susannah Harper firmly believes that her only child is still alive. So, when a fortune teller predicts that her child will come back to her on the night of next Christmas Eve, Susannah will start having eerie encounters. Maybe the fortune teller was not a con artist, after all. Continue reading “A desperate mother’s search: The Winter’s Child”

Against all odds: The Distance, by Zoe Folbigg



Can distance stop two people from being in love?

Cecilie meets Hector in a chat room dedicated to their favorite band. The bond is instant. With humor and light-hearted flirting, it doesn’t take long for them to realize they are each other’s soul mates. The time they chat grows longer,  their feelings deeper. There are just two problems:  the distance between them is 9000 km; and most importantly, Hector is already in a relationship with another woman. Continue reading “Against all odds: The Distance, by Zoe Folbigg”

5 books your children will love this year!

children's books


You know the saying – ‘A child who reads is an adult who thinks”. A person usually comes to love reading in their childhood, so we can all understand the importance of books in early stages.

But children are an exceptionally tough crowd. Which has inevitably made children’s books more imaginative. There are so many to choose from nowadays. So which one will your children appreciate? Here are five books we think your children will love – and so will you! Continue reading “5 books your children will love this year!”

Stories that break our hearts, and why they are worth it

stories that break our hearts

Here’s to books that break our hearts

I could start by telling you how important books are, but you already know that. Instead, let us talk about some of those special, rare findings that make  us feel sad, but which we get to love nonetheless: the books that break our heart. Have you ever come across a book that was very hard for you to read, but in the same time felt like home? If so, then you know what I’m talking about. Continue reading “Stories that break our hearts, and why they are worth it”

Magic, cold and silver: Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik

spinning silver bibliophile

Welcome to a strange land with long winters

Miryem is the sole daughter of a moneylender. But her father is too kind-hearted for his family’s good, and they are close to starvation. At the point when everything seems lost, Miryem will take reign of the family business, reclaiming everything that is owed to them by their debtors. Silver seems to flow freely in their home, now.  But her intelligence and business mindset will get too famous. It will soon reach the ears of the powerful and terrifyingly cruel magical creatures, the Staryks. And one day, the Lord of Staryks will come to meet her. He has two choices for her, one more dreadful than the other. Continue reading “Magic, cold and silver: Spinning Silver, by Naomi Novik”