Love, marriage and terrible secrets : Five Unforgivable Things



One family.

Five members.

And five unforgivable things that lead to tearing a couple apart.


Thirty years ago, Kate and Dan created their own family. After many years of struggling, heartache and pain, it was obvious that they wouldn’t be able to make it on their own. But with the help of IVF treatments, the two of them managed to have children. After that, it should have come to a happy ending for everyone. But it never did. Because there were five unforgivable things that happened between them. Five things that dissolved a family that was created with a lot of painful efforts. Continue reading “Love, marriage and terrible secrets : Five Unforgivable Things”

Wonderful retellings: Beast, A Tale of Love and Revenge



Welcome to France.

Château Beaumont is a rich, vast estate , run by a beautiful, stunning Chevalier. Jean-Loup is young, intelligent, and stunningly handsome. When Lucie comes to work on his estate, she is stunned by his appearance. But there is also a very dark side on him.  All house staff have warned Lucie to stay away from Jean-Loup.  But the young servant is unlucky enough to experience the young monarch’s cruelty in full force.

When a wise old woman punishes the Chevalier for his crimes, transforming him into a hideous beast, Lucie will wish to stay at the Chateau and watch him be punished. The woman transforms her into an ever-burning candle, and the two of them become the sole inhabitants of the ruined castle. As time goes by, Lucie realizes that the Beast is nothing like Jean-Loup. But could there be a danger of that horrible man ever coming back? Continue reading “Wonderful retellings: Beast, A Tale of Love and Revenge”

On proper manners and solving murders : A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder


Mystery with a good dose of humor

If you have been following this site for a while, you have probably figured out by now that I am kind of obsessed with mysteries. The mystery genre has seen a rise in recent years, actually.

However, sometimes you need a book that will combine the ‘whodunnit’ element with a more light-hearted tone. A good dose of humor always helps, too. Which is why today I wanted to introduce you to A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder. Continue reading “On proper manners and solving murders : A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder”

The Year of the Snake : Plots, Murder and Rome at its peak

The Year of the Snake is out now by Endeavour Media


While mystery has always been a popular genre for readers, historical fiction has also started to trend lately. Ancient Rome and Greece are now the preferred settings for readers. And they are not wrong. Most of us learn so much about these ancient worlds since we have been children, that they are absolutely intriguing to us!

I missed no chance in reading The Year of The Snake when I came into it. Here’s a book that combines some of my favourite things: mystery, cunning and a very well researched historical setting. But let me tell you more about the plot first, and there’s also an interview with the authors afterwards; trust me, you will love what they have to say about it. Continue reading “The Year of the Snake : Plots, Murder and Rome at its peak”

Medieval Noir : The Deepest Grave


 London, 1392


Peculiar things are happening at the cemetery of St Modwen’s Church after sunset: corpses are said to come to life and roam in the churchyard, carrying around their own coffins. And it is not long after that that people start being murdered. Crispin Guest and his apprentice, Jack Tucker, are tasked with finding out what lies under these weird sightings. Continue reading “Medieval Noir : The Deepest Grave”