My grandmother sends her regards and apologises, by Fredrik Backman

My grandmother sends her regards and apologises

“Because not all monsters were  monsters from the beginning. Some were made monsters out of pain.”

Elsa is not like other children.

She can recite Harry Potter by memory.  Wikipedia is a piece of cake for her. She knows things other eight-year-olds don’t. Elsa is special. And her only friend is her Granny.

Grandmother has always been Elsa’s hero,

her best friend, and her partner in crime. But when Granny gives her a secret mission, Elsa will realize she knows a lot less about her grandmother than what she thought.

While defending the world they created together, the Kingdom of Almost Awake, Elsa will discover there’s more to people than meets the eye. Not all monsters are evil. People keep secrets, and sometimes there’s a good reason behind them. Anger is sometimes sorrow in disguise. And, most importantly, she will get the hardest lesson of all: that whatever happens, life goes on.

Backman works magic in this novel.

He has managed to touch so many aspects of human relationships in a single story, that it makes it hard to describe. Love, loss, pain, secrets, compassion, laughter and magic. And through it all, the hardest lesson a human learns throughout their lives: the lesson of loss and carrying on.

The author has an incredible ability of describing serious matters in a witty way,. The reader goes back and forth between the reality and the Kingdom of Almost Awake. Surprisingly, however, you will find no difficulty following the story right to its end…or is the end just another beginning?


My top 5 Neil Gaiman books

Top 5 Gaiman books

Being a fantasy literature enthusiast, Neil Gaiman is probably my  all- time favorite writer.  It is not just about the plot, I believe. It’s about the way his words instantly create  the grounds for your brain to build a world. And he does it in such a simple and easy way, that the readers find themselves building up a universe in a matter of …well, in a matter of pages.

This is such a difficult thing to do, to try and explain how or why a writer’s works appeal to a reader so  much. Everyone prefers their own style and their own genre, of course. But if you find, like me, that you are drawn to the fantasy section of the library quite often, maybe it’s time to get acquainted to the works of Neil Gaiman.

As a lot of people who are familiar with his works will tell you, five books is just too short of a list! However, I wanted to keep this (relatively) short, so here are the five books I think you should start with:

The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book

After the mysterious murder of his parents, a toddler escapes from his house and finds refuge in a graveyard. The ghosts residing there decide to raise him, becoming his new family in the process. As Bod (short for Nobody) Owens grows up, supernatural dangers arise, and he starts discovering more things about his past and his family.

American Gods
American Gods

Yes, it’s a series. No, it was not originally just a series. This is a book. AN epic, wonderful, amazing, kick-ass book.

After being in prison for 3 years, Shadow is released upon his wife’s tragic death. It is on that day that he meets the mysterious Mr Wednesday. Deciding to become his employee,  Shadow follows him across the US, meeting new, and interesting, if dubious, characters. Who is Mr Wednesday, though? Does he really hold supernatural powers? And what about Shadow? What is his role in this game?

Good Omens
God Omens

Good Omens was co-written by Gaiman and the late Sir Terry Pratchett. Hilariously peculiar, this is the book to male you laugh your lungs out. If you are one of those people (like me) that read in public transport, prepare to be considered nuts. Seriously.

The Antichrist is born, the end of the world is coming, and basically the world is doomed. However, a bookworm-Angel and a Demon with a highly evolved sense of sarcasm refuse to let that happen. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to go back to their work, no matter if it’s hell’s dungeons or heaven’s bureaucracy. The two buddies forge an allegiance and start looking for the Antichrist child. What happens, though, if baby Antichrist has been…misplaced?

Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology

For the fans of Norse myths and legends, here you go, you’re welcome!

Gaiman has constructed a number of short stories based on the original Nordic myths. From Odin to Loki, from Freya to Thor, all the Norse gods you’ve heard of (and then some) are in here. Trust me, you will have an amazingly enjoyable time watching Gaiman breathe new life into the Norse Gods.

Fortunately, the Milk

Fortunately, the Milk

Yes, that is a title. Of a book. Isn’t it awesome?

You’re never too old for children’s books. And if you have children, all the better reason to read this hilarious story.

A father needs to explain to his children why he was late bringing the milk home. Well, he has quite the excuses for it!Dragons, weird creatures, beautiful tales… So what if you don’t believe his excuses? You have to give him an A+ for the effort, right?