When readers are divided: Our Endless Numbered Days

Our endless numbered days

Peggy is eight years old

when her survivalist father packs a bag and takes her to a remote forest. Leaving her mother behind, her father announces to her that there has been a major disaster, and they are the only to humans that survived. Deep in the forest, in the middle of nowhere, Peggy has to learn how to live with the memories of a mother she considers dead. Hunger, hardships and fear will be their life for years.Their endless days are numbered only by the changing of the seasons.

Things start changing

When Peggy finds a pair of boots, things are about to change. If , as her father says, they are the last people on earth, who does taht pair of boots belong to? Is there someone else living out there? Maybe they are not the only survivors. Or maybe her father has been lying all thise years.

When people review books, there will be a handful of times when they find it difficult to describe their thoughts and feelings about a story. This is one of those times for me.

Our Endless Numbered Days is a book that has received much critisism about its difficult content.I should start by pointing out that this is not a happy book. Most readers are used to happy endings by now. If that is what you are looking for, you will not find it in this story.

That having been said, it doesn’t mean this is a bad story. It is, however, not an esay read. The kidnapping of a child, even by their own father, is never a happy thing to read about. Your instict kicks in, and you feel the need to see this story through with the child safely back home.

Our endless numbered days

From the first chapter, the reader knows that Peggy eventually returns to her mother safely. They also know that the father is not there with them. Is he in prison? Is he dead? We don’t know yet. The fact that Peggy is back, though, doesn’t mean everything ends well.

This is a tale of loneliness, pain, and hopelessness. Carefully detailed and very well written, it guides you through the stories through fragments. You will go back and forth, from the time Peggy lived in a happy family to moving into the wild with her father, and also the present. Attaining only pieces of the story every time, you will start forming a picture of what life was, and is, for this unlucky little girl.

However, you won’t be ready for a lot of the details that will be coming your way towards the end. There are parts you won’t know until the very last pages, and those little details will make all the difference.

Hard as this read might be, it is interesting and worth your time. We must always remember that life isn’t always easy or happy. Sometimes this is reflected on books, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth reading.

And then there were none, By Agatha Christie

“One little Soldier boy left all alone;

He went out and hanged himself and then there were none.”


mystery, agatha christie

England, 1930s.

Eight people arrive at an isolated island off the Devon coast. They have all been invited by a man they have heard of one way or another. However, none of them has actually seen him before. Mr and Mrs Owen, the hosts, have unfortunately not arrived yet. Instead, the guests are met by the housekeeper and his wife, and are assured taht their hosts will be arriving the next day.

After their first dinner, however, a gramophone recording will reveal to them the true reason they are there: someone is accusing them of commiting crimes and escaping justice. The voice on the record is clear: none of them are able to leave the isolated island, and all of them will soon be dead.

Ten people on an isolated island.

They are being murdered one by one, just like the old “Ten Little Soldiers” rhyme. How is it possible that no one else is on the island, and yet people are being murdered? Who is Mr Owen and how does he know all of them?

From one of the great masters of mystery

And Then There Were None is a unique and atmospheric story, and few people can argue against that. Agatha Christie has constructed a detailed and careful story plot, one that the reader will not be able to unravel easily. This is widely considered Christie’s masterpiece, and, as a reader, I can very well understand why. It takes a great effort to divert the reader from their suspicions, making them change their mind about who the killer is, and Christie does just that.

In the aftermath of an interesting mystery , the readers find themselves questioning what justice really is. Is everything black and white? Do you think it is good, or even necessary to take justice in your own hands? Is killing a killer justified?

This is exactly what makes this book so interesting. Aside from the mystery, the suspense, the read-it-all-in-one-sitting aspect, the story leaves a lot of discussion points (and isn’t this just wonderful?). This is the kind of story you will not forget easily. For the fans of the mystery genre, this is the epitome of truly intelligent suspense. Happy reading!

The Sacrifice, by Alec Caruso

London, England.

Dr Ted Conway is found in his home, rope tied around his neck, hanging in the middle of the living room. This should be an easy case.

Inspector Rei Yoshima’s first case after a forced break should have been as easy as that. However, the evidence will soon lead her to realize that this is not a suicide. With his client list deleted and no records left on his laptop or his cell phone, Dr Conway is a mystery. What could a pediatrician in his seventies have done to put himself into such a situation?

Cologne, Germany.

The German police force finds a murdered couple. Tied, tortured, not even their real names are known. Inspectors Muller and Morgan will have absolutely no leads to begin with, other than one name written on a piece of paper: Dr. Conway.

What do these different homicides that have occured in two different countries have in common? Other than the name of Conway, nothing is seemingly connecting them. When the two police departments come together, the plot will start to unravel.

This is a story with many different parts. The plot looks like a puzzle. But then again, shouldn’t all mystery books look like one?

The Sacrifice has the ideal length for a reader: it is neither too short, nor too long, so that you can follow through easily, without getting tired. There are no in-betweens where you might feel bored, and that is a key aspect for a good mystery book. Written consisely and simply, it is by all aspects an easy read.

If there is something amiss, it would probably be that the story ends without explaining some of the heroes’ backgrounds. Although on meeting every main character in the book, the reader gets some hints about their background, things are never fully explained even as the story comes to an end.

What, as a reader, I would like to believe, is that the author plans on a sequel with the same characters, where everything will be explained. If that, however, is not the case, then some details should be more thorough.

All things considered, it was a fun and easy read. There were some grammatical and syntax errors here and there, which you do not normally find in an edited book. It is, however, the author’s first book, so it is not too bad for a start.

For the fans of mystery, it is definitely worth reading. The ending was quite unpredictable and the plot well based, so I would suggest giving it a try!

The Last Wild, by Piers Torday

The last wild

In a strange land..

..where animals are almost extinct, people are fed through artificial formulas and contact with nature is gone.

Kester Jaynes is locked away in a home for troubled children.

Mute and convinced that something is terribly wrong with him, he spends day after day in a facility where obedience is much more important than actual rehabilitation. When a flock of birds starts talking to him, though, he will realize that maybe it’s not a problem that he actually has, but a gift.

With the help of a stubborn and fearless cockroach and a handful of determined pigeons, he will manage to escape his prison. Kester will soon discover his destiny: he is the last Wild, the person destined to save the animals from the great plague that is driving them extinct.

This is a captivatng story that makes you think twice about human interaction with nature, specifically fauna. This is a story that captivates you in its constant adventure. At the same time, it helps you understand the hubris of human nature. This is the potential future, if people are not careful or respectful enough. This is what the world might come to, in the worst case scenario.

But in the same time, you will be reminded that there is always hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Kester Jaynes is the light of this story. He is the hero the animals need, the hero the world needs, even if they cannot understand it.

The Last Wild, Greek edition

A beautiful dystopian adventure

The Last Wild begins as every great adventure should: with a detailed map! Unique in its plot, the story will guide you not only through what people think, but also what the animals do. This is a strongly recommended book, not only for adults, but also for teenagers and children. What better way to teach children to care about the world as a whole than through a book?

This must be the place, by Maggie O’Farrell

Do you think, Daniel,” she said to him, rolling over onto her back so that she was able to look out of the window while she spoke, “that we might have reached the end of our story?” 

Meet Claudette

A former Hollywood star and world known actress. On the peak of her career, she will decide to run away from it all and leave an incognito life in Ireland.

Meet Daniel

After an ugly divorce in New York, he will trace his roots back to Ireland.

This is the place where it all begins for them.It must have been fate. Daniel and Claudette will feel drawn to each other from the first instant. They will start a family there, in the middle of nowhere. But , years later, the memory of a mysterious woman will stir their domestic life, and Daniel will feel the need to dig up old wounds. Will their love for each other be enough to draw them back together? Are some things of our past better left burried?

Love has many forms

…and many ways of manifesting. Some love stories have to go through storms, an Daniel’s is one of these. Will his quiet life with his second wife prove stronger than his past? Are past mistakes able to affect your present?

A novel uniquely written, it guides the reader both through time and places. You will follow Daniel’s and Claudette’s past, present and future. But you will also see the lives of their families, their loved ones, and go down the rabbit hole of a mystery that has been left alone for over twenty years. The plot will often be full of sadness and sorrow, but Maggie O’ Farrell creates a story where you clearly see that light can always be found at the end of the tunnel.