Children’s Book Tuesday: A stage full of Shakespeare stories

A stage full of Shakespeare stories -

You love Shakespeare. But what about your children?

Nearly no one can deny that Shakespeare was a great figure of English theatre. Of course, there was also the creation of word – did you know that a lot of the words we use nowadays come from the man himself? Clearly, reading Shakespeare’s works has a lot of advantages. And children could also learn a lot from his works, and in the same time enjoy them. Continue reading “Children’s Book Tuesday: A stage full of Shakespeare stories”

Epic Fantasy : The Winter of the Witch

The Winter of the Witch -

Winter is here. And darkness has fallen.

The people of Moscow are suffering. The city’s flames have just been extinguished. The crowd, left to pick up its pieces, needs someone to blame. And who’s a better victim than the witch that can talk to powerful spirits?

Vasilisa Petrovna must flee for her life. And during her run, she will end up in the Land of Midnight. But if the world of Humans is a dangerous place, the land of magic is ten times riskier. Danger lurks everywhere, and with the worse demon of them all, the Bear, finally free from his prison, no one is safe.

Vasilisa will have to go through a long and painful adventure in order to defeat the Bear and save Moscow from the new dangers that have started lurking around its inhabitants. But will she be able to save herself from the madness of her own powers?

From the writer that brought us The Bear and the Nightingale, here comes the third and final book of a fantastic trilogy, the Winternight Trilogy. The Winter of the Witch is the spectacular epilogue to an exciting, magical adventure. With folklore and myths woven into it, this is a story that hooks the reader on page one.

Not always happy and certainly not carefree, the plot is filled with pain, difficult character decisions and even death – but this only makes it more real, raw and honest. However, hope is never lost: and the reader will never lose their hope of seeing Vasilisa become the powerful woman that she can, discover her past and heritage and create a better future for everyone.

The Winter of the Witch is a must-read for every reader that is a fan of the fantasy genre. Not to be missed.

Graphic Novel Thursday: The Daughters of Salem

The daughters of Salem -

A Salem story retold

It’s the 1690’s. In a small, puritan village, a young girl sets of a chain of hysterical reactions when she befriends a native of the Abenaki tribe. What is about to ensue is a graphic portrayal of the Salem Witch Trials, re-imagined by Thomas Gilbert.

This is exactly what I, as a reader, would have imagined the era and mentality to look like. A small society on the verge of massive hysteria, unable to understand or accept anything outside its norms. This work could definitely have been expanded into a full novel. But even as is, it doesn’t fail to inspire and provoke some serious thoughts. The reader can definitely relate to it in 2019 as easily as they would 100 years ago.

An excellent job from Thomas Gilbert, accompanied by suiting, beautiful illustrations.

Children’s Book Tuesday: Abbott & Barley

Abbott and Barley children's book -

Abbott and Barley are on an adventure!

Abbott and Barley are on vacation together. Father and son, they want to have a great day. Abbott wants something really special for his son, so he will go to great lengths in order for them to have a special adventure. But, at the end of the day, maybe the best place in the world for Barley is his dad’s arms! Continue reading “Children’s Book Tuesday: Abbott & Barley”

Mini Reviews: Blackberry and Wild Rose

Blackberry and Wild Rose -

Two very different women meet

Esther Thorel is the pious wife of a London silk master. She lives a comfortable life, and people think her days are carefree. Spending her time with the church, she helps unfortunate Sara Kemp get away from the brothel and become maid in her house. But while Esther thinks she is being a saviour, Sara has her own things to teach her mistress. Continue reading “Mini Reviews: Blackberry and Wild Rose”

3 books to read if you enjoyed Stoker’s Dracula

3 best vampire books after Dracula

If Stoker’s Dracula fascinated you, you’re not the only one. Vampire stories have a way of capturing the reader’s attention (which is why this isn’t the first time we’ve written about vampire books!)

If you don’t want to stop reading vampire stories at this ultimate classic, here are three excellent reads you can continue your quest with: Continue reading “3 books to read if you enjoyed Stoker’s Dracula”

Elves, Goblins, and all kinds of madness: The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge

The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge -

Elf on a mission

Historian elf Brangwain Spurge has a very clear mission. He must travel to the land of goblins and present their King with a mighty present. But there’s a catch : the king is a dark, mysterious alien.

Goblin archivist Werfel has his own mission. He is Spurge’s host, and he’s determined to please his guest and assist him in any way possible. Continue reading “Elves, Goblins, and all kinds of madness: The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge”

Children’s book: The Girl with the Dragon Heart

the girl with the dragon heart -

Welcome to Drachenburg

In the beautiful kingdom of Drachenburg lives a bright young girl, who tells stories like no other human can. Silke’s ability to weave stories is so good, that even the crown princess has noticed it. And now that she has, she will need Silke to work for her on a dangerous task that requires a lot of intelligence.

The fairies are coming to the Kingdom of Drachenburg, and nobody knows why. Having lived underground years, the fae are cunning, secretive people. And very, very dangerous. Continue reading “Children’s book: The Girl with the Dragon Heart”