On proper manners and solving murders : A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder


Mystery with a good dose of humor

If you have been following this site for a while, you have probably figured out by now that I am kind of obsessed with mysteries. The mystery genre has seen a rise in recent years, actually.

However, sometimes you need a book that will combine the ‘whodunnit’ element with a more light-hearted tone. A good dose of humor always helps, too. Which is why today I wanted to introduce you to A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder. Continue reading “On proper manners and solving murders : A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder”

The Year of the Snake : Plots, Murder and Rome at its peak

The Year of the Snake is out now by Endeavour Media


While mystery has always been a popular genre for readers, historical fiction has also started to trend lately. Ancient Rome and Greece are now the preferred settings for readers. And they are not wrong. Most of us learn so much about these ancient worlds since we have been children, that they are absolutely intriguing to us!

I missed no chance in reading The Year of The Snake when I came into it. Here’s a book that combines some of my favourite things: mystery, cunning and a very well researched historical setting. But let me tell you more about the plot first, and there’s also an interview with the authors afterwards; trust me, you will love what they have to say about it. Continue reading “The Year of the Snake : Plots, Murder and Rome at its peak”

Medieval Noir : The Deepest Grave


 London, 1392


Peculiar things are happening at the cemetery of St Modwen’s Church after sunset: corpses are said to come to life and roam in the churchyard, carrying around their own coffins. And it is not long after that that people start being murdered. Crispin Guest and his apprentice, Jack Tucker, are tasked with finding out what lies under these weird sightings. Continue reading “Medieval Noir : The Deepest Grave”

Children’s Book : The Most Magnificent Thing


Let’s go on an adventure!


A little girl and her best friend, her dog, start off an adventure to make the Most Magnificent Thing! But, as she keeps trying, she finds that her invention is not perfect. It is not the Most Magnificent Thing, and that makes her furious!But the smart little girl is not about to give up. After a long walk with her little helper, she finds the inspiration she needed so much! Continue reading “Children’s Book : The Most Magnificent Thing”

A love through time: Ivy & Abe


Do you believe in soul mates?

Ivy and Abe is the tender story of two people that are soul mates. Two  people that are meant for each other meet in various places and times, under different circumstances. In timelines that extend from 2032 all the way back to 1965, these two people meet in different stages of their lives, always finding something that draws them to each other. Continue reading “A love through time: Ivy & Abe”

The Zero and the One , by Ryan Ruby



Owen Whiting is a lone wolf at Oxford.


Having desperately tried – and failed every time- to make connections to his surrounding environment, he will finally find himself inexplicably drawn to the friendship of Zachary Foedern. Incredibly at ease with his environment and intelligent beyond measure, Zach, who has come for a year from New York, will form a strong friendship with Owen, opening his mind to concepts and ideas that he had never dreamed of. Owen will blindly follow his friend and idol, until Zach will propose his most peculiar and brutal idea of all : a suicide pact. Continue reading “The Zero and the One , by Ryan Ruby”

Stories Within Stories : Hasib & The Queen of Serpents


Welcome to a Tale of A Thousand and One Nights

This is the tale of Hasib, the son of a wise man, who himself hadn’t inherited the wisdom of his well known father. As Hasib leaves his house to work with other lumberjacks of his village, he stumbles upon pots and pots of honey in a cave – and that’s when all his troubles begin. Continue reading “Stories Within Stories : Hasib & The Queen of Serpents”

Us Against You : The sequel to Beartown you had been waiting for!


Welcome to Beartown

Beartown is a small, forest town, already stricken by tragedy in its community. The only way out of this place has always been its hockey club. To others it is just a sport. To Beartown, it is salvation. But when tragedy has already almost torn the hockey club apart, and people have started turning against each other, is there really any hope left for this community? Continue reading “Us Against You : The sequel to Beartown you had been waiting for!”